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The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves by Matt Ridley


1. Ridley’s book the book focused on history of humanity, where it talks about the reasons human species has been successful and how people should reflect the future.

1.1. The key thesis is that human development has been highly elaborated by Adam smith based on the theories of Charles Darwin.

1.2. History of human species has been a fight between survival and occupation.

1.3. Specialization is the real meaning of humanity and self-reliance a mistaken fable.

1.4. Huge amount of commercial links were implemented even in the time of hunting and gathering of human revolution.

1.4.1. The most horrible instance of emissions is predicated on a great growth of international GDP.

1.5. The course of economic development does not often come so obvious.

1.5.1. Anything can work effectively when particular economic performers create way out from the bottom up.

1.6. Increased riches do not signify increased contentment.

1.6.1. Happy individuals have noteworthy capability to stay happy, even in spite of difficulty.

1.7. The second main reflection in Ridley’s book is, certainly, “rational optimism.”

1.8. Several past fears were in due course baseless.

1.8.1. Everything will be very well in Africa without people’s fear concerning pessimistic possibilities.

1.8.2. Progress in Africa is complex to accomplish, but people should hope it will speed up.

1.9. Ridley dedicates his consideration to only two current issues, climate change and African development.

1.9.1. Mr. Ridley disproved concern regarding climate change as another illustration with unsupported negativity.

1.9.2. Ridley considered that modernism or innovation engages just raising new ideas.

1.10. Ridley represented the future economy as "post-capitalist and post-corporatist” an appropriate incidental expression.

1.10.1. Without scientists’ interest and innovativeness, huge quantity of trade or exchange would not have created the world we are staying in.


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